Some Of OUr Customer Reviews...
Traditional education systems optimize for certificates and degrees.

We optimize for real world tangible results.

At THE ONE ECOM you won't get any certificates or fancy letters to put behind your name. 

INSTEADYou will get your very own wildly profitable E-COMMERCE business THAT YOU CAN SCALE TO 7-Figures, AUTOMATE, AND BUILD A BRAND FrOM. You will change your mindset and transform your life.

Do our training programs work?

Besides the proof of Multiple Millions generated from myself, Let our students answer that in their reviews below.

"Success leaves clues, and if you sow the same seeds, you'll reap the same rewards." - Brad Thor
Anh Dinh - ONE ECOM Student
 6-Figure Verified 
Avi Mehta - ONE ECOM Student  
 6-Figure Verified 
Other ONE Ecom Students
6-Figure Verified
Spencer smashing $30k in 10 days! 
Over $200k in Sales! 
6-Figure Verified
Kavin Scaling to $15.5k a day & breaking his first 6 figure month!
 5-Figure Verified
Carolyn - Psychologist/Professor Doing Ecom!?? Made $5k in 1st Month of Starting!
 5-Figure Verified
Willie - Whilst busy working multiple projects, he was able to generate amazing results in a short time!
Timothy - Radio Show host. Zero experience, From Skeptic to believer!
 5-Figure Verified
Sean - "What I like about it the most is Jade genuinely wants you to be successful.... If you're looking for a course. The ONE Ecom is the way to go."
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