Get Handed The Exact Recipe and Blueprint Of How I Made Over $5,309,676 from Ecommerce within 11 Months of starting as a Newbie ... Simply by Following My UNCONVETIONAL 3-STEP SECRETS!
The ONE Ecom™
  •  6 Week Training Program (20+ Modules & 100+ Lessons)
  •  Everything you need from 0-Figures to 7-Figures automated
  •  Private Community + Weekly Q&A Calls & Mentorship
  •  Lifetime access + updates
  •  Insane Bonuses worth over $10k
    or $797 x 3 months
$6,000 Everyday price
$15,582 Value with all BONUSES
Absolute satisfaction guarantee
Try the program risk free! Please only join if you intend to follow your action tasks. This course is designed to get you results, and that means you must take action. If you do ask for a refund, we will require you to show that you have completed all action tasks in the core training.
Hey you, imagine a generous genie came up you and said, 

"I would like to grant you a new life (if you want) where you can... wake up on your own time, to your own schedule (you da motherfuckin' baus!), work on the beach (sippin' on some fresh coconut or mojito whichever you prefer), travel to any country in the world and still make money at the same time, even when you are asleep, all from your ecommerce business that you started, you even scale it up to 7-figures and also automate the whole process to work less than an hour a day!"

... would YOU take it?

Only thing is, this isn't a 'fairy-tale' wish... it is what i've precisely done for myself. It's facts and its the truth,  and it can be yours too. 
Are You Ready for The ONE Ecom?
This course is designed to unlock the gateway for you to become the Best Ecommerce Entrepreneur possible. Period. There's no fluff, only proven results. The ONE Ecom is perfectly Engineered for Success because it brings together with the right 'chemical agents' that will allow you to build a business that work even if you are starting or scale to 7 figures and automated if you are already experienced. 

Forget what you have started... Imagine and visualize right now that you are in your dream... you dream about this new reality where you can totally transform yourself to be the person who is able to wake up everyday, anywhere in the world, refresh their stats and see crazy profits first thing as they arise in the morning from a business that they've built from their own hands. 

Not just that... But a place where you are able to FINALLY, with FULL CONFIDENCE take control with of the business because you UNDERSTAND from the core; the mindset that allows you to become unstoppable, the truth of what actually matters and the fundamentals of e-commerce success, the entire business system, structure, sales flow, ads strategy and the EXACT step-by-step way to consistently make sales and AUTOMATE the entire process at the same time! That way you could choose to work an hour a day if you so desire. 

Imagine what that dream would feel like?

But wait, what if I told you it's not a dream... but it can actually be your reality everyday. It's a choice. 
Nothing like you've ever seen before.
This is the only Ecom course in the world that incorporates and teaches you every aspect of building your own ecommerce business from start to finish with a focus on MINDSET and PRINCIPLES that truly work! 
Many People Just Try Sell You Courses... But They Don't Actually Walk the Talk... Seeing that Really Makes Me Sad and Furious at the Same Time... 
But I'm not all about calling other people out, in fact, that's not my style at all. I believe in focusing in my own lane and putting my head down to doing the work that will greatly impact the lives of others. And that is what I envision The ONE Ecom will be able to do for you. Change your life.

I live and do everything I preach. Right now, I currently have over 6 stores, a team of over 20+ and growing with all systems and processes all AUTOMATED
Im willing to bet that not a lot of people in the Ecom game can honestly say this. Now I can confidently say that I have mastered this game. 

The principles I teach in The ONE Ecom is also how I became the Fastest Growing Dropshipper in the world to start from ZERO experience as a college drop out.

There is so much information out there today and alot of them misguiding and lead you to spin your head in circles confused...so The ONE Ecom also stands for everything I wish I had at the start when began the my 'Ecompreneur' journey. 

Now I'm not the type to brag at all... but I need to show you this to show you what's possible... Here are snapshots of some of my personal results

"Men lie, Women lie... Numbers don't."
Our First Store to Hit 7 Figures... we did it in 4 months of starting. Now over 2 Million to date... 
Our Second store we launched did over $3,000,000 USD in just 5 months.
Here's Another Store we Recently launched...
Here's our Record Breaking... Over 1 Million in 14 days!
Clearly... I am doing something RIGHT.

"Success leaves clues, and if you sow the same seeds, you'll reap the same rewards." - Brad Thor
What's the "The ONE Ecom"?
The ONE Ecom is the Most Complete and Most Advanced Ecommerce System Ever Built. It basically teaches you EVERYTHING you NEED to know to build a Successful Ecommerce business from scratch! 

I dug my head down for months on months to extract everything out of my head and my business to you in an actionable step-by-step, easy to follow format. 

We go through every single step and every strategy in detailed in order to successfully grow your massively profitable Ecommerce business. 

In other words, The ONE Ecom is proven and successfully tested online implementation program which teaches you exactly how to Build, Grow, Scale and Automate a wildly profitable 6-7 figure e-commerce business.

We teach you how to find, upload, source, and advertise products on the World's Largest Media Platform's in the world through Facebook & Instagram Ads and also the World's Biggest Search Engine, through Google Ads.

The information is available online in a content portal. You can complete the training in your own time from anywhere in the world and even fit it in around a 9-5 job.  Some Modules will take a week to complete and some will take less than a a day to get through.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any tech skills or digital marketing skills or have absolutely ZERO experience, EVERYTHING you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program. So this course is suitable for ALL experience levels, even for the advanced guys.

All the training is over the shoulder and there is nothing left behind. I will never leave you in the dark so you will have a Private Facebook Mastermind group that you'll have access to me where you can ask questions at anytime.

Everything is built SEQUENTIALLY. You start from Top to Bottom. From the first lesson to the last, every video training is over-the-shoulder, and meant to build upon each other to make you fully be able to build your own ecommerce business right! 

Imagine you are building the tallest building in the world, or the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building in the history of mankind. Imagine the foundations you need to lay beneath the surface level to have the building stay up right loud and proud. You can't skip steps and each process builds the foundation for the next phase. It happens brick by brick, floor by floor and that's the same experience of what will happen through The ONE Ecom. We're going to build your profitable ecommerce business together brick by brick to be standing up tall, loud and proud.  

 Now lets see actually what's in it and why it's the last program you'll ever need! 

You may think... how can I make such a bold promise? Let me show you better.
Here's Everything You Are Going To Get!
  • My Exact 8 Figure Ecommerce Blueprint and System
  •  6 Chapters broken in to 20+ Modules
  •  Over 110+ Videos of Actionable Over-The-Shoulder Content
  •  Every Module and Lesson Detailing Each Step from A-Z, Zero-to-Hero, Newbie-to-Mastery
  •  Private Facebook Mastermind Group for Mentorship and Support
Where you're journey begins:
  •  Welcome video and How to use this program. Get access to the private FB group!
  •  Our main Purpose and Objective of The ONE Ecom is to get you to what I call "Ecommerce Enlightenment". It's the place where only 0.3% of ecommerce owners truly to really experience. 
  •  General Housekeeping and Important things to remember going into this.
  •  View from 35,000 Feet above, you see the entire overview before you even start!
Module 1.1: "Unbeatable Psychology"
  •   Learning that the Roots creates the Fruits - The invisible creates the visible and therefore the MIND is where you NEED to Begin
  •  The greater majority of the world do not understand this concept and the few who claim they do... don't understand it completely to its entirety. Without understanding these concepts, you will not be able to reach your true potential and success so we make sure you nail it early on
  •   We go through how to become a new person, the mindset shifts you need to make and carry with you to become the most Successful entrepreneur possible
  •  Most people have no idea what these concepts mean, what they are, how they apply, which cause them to absolutely get hammered when they enter the business world
  •  Once you master these mindset shifts and principles, you will find that there is no competition because you'll posses what others only get to dream about. 
Module 1.2: "Mindset of a 7-Figure Earner"
  •  Now that we've gone through the Mindset you NEED to win and dominate. We then go into what makes an actual long-term successful e-commerce business, the pitfalls and mistakes people tend to fall into and then the FOCUS that people need to have to achieve their most successful results
  •  In this module we focus on the PRINCIPLES of Ecommerce. Understanding these principles, allows you to see this from a bigger perspective and allows to put your efforts in the things that will move the needle the most as opposed to focusing on the things that won't. 
  • If you look at an Iceberg, what you see is the part thats above water, but what we fail to understand is that the part that we don't see which is actually the part that contributes to the majority of the entire iceberg. Our course focuses on building the part that's underwater to make the most magnificent part of the iceberg seen above the water. 
  •  In essence, this module looks at why one will win in ecommerce and why another will lose in ecommerce, learning and understanding this difference is the difference between success and failure. 
Module 1.3: Visualize the Entire Customer Journey & Money Machine
  •   "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win." - Sun Tzu
  •  Why do we need to know this? You need to understand your business from inside out, every step of the way so you can be in the drivers seat, in full control and have the full confidence. Most people are running around like headless chickens, only to build something that keep on leaking... You'll see the complete version of your money machine before you even start!
  •   You'll get to visualize your entire store, the finish piece before you even begin. Most people just do things as they react to the environment and circumstance. We NEED to see the big picture before it's complete so that you can understand what you need to have, the things you need in place and what purpose those things are for. 
  •  You will be light years ahead of the competition when you understand the flow and the complete BIG PICTURE before its even complete.
Module 2.1: "Setting Up Your Winning Store"
  •  By now you are more than ready to start building your store. Just understanding the 3 modules above will already help you undoubtedly stand out from the crowd 
  •  In this section, we go through a complete Over-The-Shoulder style set up where I walk through building a store that will win for you. 
  •  The ONE Ecom system is a 'Money Making Machine' when you set up everything correctly. Everything from pre-purchase, to post-purchase and customer winback and retargeting it's all considered. 
  •  We discuss whether a Niche or a General store is better for you? And what is recommended at each stage you're in.
  •  How to select your Brand Name and creating your store logo, favicon and website design without spending a single dollar
  •  Setting up your Entire ecommerce store, the settings and the complete back-end to be ready for launch day!
  •  Then we discuss how you will get paid and setting up your payment gateway options
Module 2.2: "Battle-Tested Apps"
  •  There are specific Apps you need for your ecommerce store which behave as enhacement boosters for your profits and conversions.
  •  We talk about which Apps to download first depending on the stage you are in and which ones can be implemented later.
  •  All Apps chosen are Battle-Tested which means they have proven to work and convert for us and has generated us over hundred of thousands in revenue
Module 2.3: "Facebook & Instagram Set Up"
  •  Let's get all your pages and account set up the right way from the start
  •  Setting up your Facebook and Instagram accounts and pages so you can start running ads!
  • We go through the set up for your business manager, pixel and fan pages too as well as the Google Analytics account set up
Module 3.1: "Finding the Metals - [Product Research]"
  • Product is KING in Ecommerce. It's the start of everything. You can literally be profitable on your first day because of the simple fact that you are able to find a hot winning product from the get go
  •  You get my EXACT Winning Product Criteria that has to be matched and it's exactly what I teach my product team to look for
  •  We go through the Product Grade's and how to analyze the products that customer's will literally say "Shut up and take my money!"
  •  Think about it... One winning product has the potential to make over 7 figures so you better understand how to find them which is what this module focuses on
  •  If you can't find winning products, you can't have a successful ecommerce business. PERIOD. You simply just can't sell crap. 
  •  Then we go over how to organize your product research process to be able to launch consistently and be able to outsource this step in the future
Module 3.2: "Transmuting Metals Into Gold" [Craft Irrisistible Offer]
  •  Once you've gotten your winning products uploaded into your store, you need to know how to craft a Product Page that SIMPLY sells and converts
  •  A page that literally represents an "Irresistible Offer" in other words customers drooling
  •  I call this "The ONE KA'CHING Product Page" because it follows the proven strategies to get your product page to Convert at the HIGHEST % Rate by addressing all the product's best features and all the potential customer objections all at the same time. 
Module 3.3: "Presenting the Gold" [Creatives That POP!]
  •  Let's face it. In the social media world that we live in today, ATTENTION is the new currency.
  •  If you create photo or video ads that doesn't POP out or able to capture your audiences attention.. you will have less clicks, higher ad costs and less profits.  But it could be very Simple too... that's if you know what you are doing.
  •  We go through the best practices and suggestions for creating Photo Ads and Video Ads for your products, even real life examples
  •  Then I discuss what are the things I look for EXACTLY in a video ad and Why. 
Module 4.1 "Facebook Ads Mastery"
  •  This module is HUGE! We go through EVERYTHING related to Facebook (&Instagram) advertising! 
  •  About 75% of our sales comes from Facebook/Instagram advertising and we've generated Multiple Millions through this platform.
  •  Did you know theres a specific process of Facebook Ads, different stages require different actions and there's an actual system that we use to manage each product launch and keep track of what stage these products are in? We share to you our exact system which people pay me $10k just to learn it!
  • And did you know that there's a software, if set up correctly, can literally automate your entire ads process for you and save you thousands of dollars a month? It will also give you the peace of mind and you can rest assure your ads are being monitored even when you are sleeping! We share this complete system with you.
  •  This module is very extensive and detailed so we broke it up into 4 main parts for you to become the best Facebook ads marketer you can be.
  •  9.1 The Basics - what you need to know before we run ads, the Basics and Foundation
  •  9.2 The Launch - how to launch your rockets with maximum effectiveness to the right groups of people, the product launching and scaling masterplan and also how to find the MAGIC metrics to scale profitable. 
  •  9.3 Facebook Intelligence - how to utilize Facebook data and get leverage and drive more quality traffic
  •  9.4 Scaling beyond the moon! - The 4 core main scaling Strategies to implement that can take 1 product up to 6-7 figures
Module 5.1: "Secrets of Successful Launch"
  •  Do you know why some times you see a winning product but it just won't work on your store? 
  •  Have you always wondered why the other guy is making the money and when you try to sell the same thing and it doesn't work?
  •  Do you know what to do when a campaign isn't performing well?
  •  This module discusses very advanced level observations that I call the SECRETS! When you get these secrets you'll know what to do when a campaign doesn't perform in your favor, why and how you can take control of the situation.
  •  We go through the "Hierarchy of Importance" which discusses exactly most important to least. Paying attention to this will allow you to focus on the right steps and put the right foot forward. 
  •  We also touch on building up a BRAND for what you currently have going on that's working, and I share the exact step I took to do this.
    Hint* - Private Labelling with your brand on it!
Module 5.2: "Maximize Your Golden Egg!"
  •  When you have a winning product, an offer that's giving you consistent sales... do you know to maximize your golden egg even further so you can outspend all your other competitors and advertisers?
  •  This is the time to double down on what you have that's working and make it unstoppable so you are able to milk the most out of each advertising dollar. 
  •  Implementing these things can add up to over 20% in your current revenue without a doubt. 
  •  What if it's going well, do you know to maximize your golden egg even further so you can outspend all your other advertisers?
Module 6.1: "Free Up Your Time [Business Automation]"
  •  This module is something that has COMPLETELY changed my life.
  •  Building up your team the RIGHT way is so powerful and it's what allows you to chill by the beach, travel the world and still make money at the same time
  •  Take for example, last month in May 2018 I went on a vacation in San Diego for 2 weeks traveling and visiting my friends, barely checking my stores, doing less than 30 minutes of work a day, just basically checking up with my team... and  we did over a million dollars. That's the power of automation.
  •  You'll actually get to enjoy the FRUITS of owning a business and not be the slave to the business which so many people are stuck in. 
  •  Remember you started your entrepreneurial journey so that it would support your life and give you the ultimate freedom... this module will enable you to do that. You can't conquer the world by doing everything yourself, let's face the truth here. You just don't have that much time in a day and energy, the last thing I want you to experience is burn out.
Module 6.2: "Exit Strategy"
  •  Do you know that you can actually Exit the business if you've built it the right way?
  •  If a business works, customers are fulfilled, systems are automated... tell me why wouldn't you be able to? If a business works, it works. Period. 
  •  Here we discuss the pillars of a desirable business and how to actually sell it and also how much you can expect to sell your stores for?
 "Google Shopping Ads!"
  •  In this Module we go through the Google Shopping Ads to diversify your traffic sources
  •  We go through what's important in Google Shopping Ads, how to utilize it the maximum efficiency.
  •  We go through How to set up your accounts and your campaigns step by step and how to scale them up
BONUS Section!
(Worth Over $15,000! But you pay $0!)
  • BONUS 1: You get my proven custom-design THEME, we've spent over 7 figures running traffic, split testing this theme for the best results and highest conversions. 
  •  BONUS 2: Facebook Ads AUTOMATED for you
  •  BONUS 3: Product Launching and Scaling Masterplan System
  •  BONUS 4: See inside my "Freedom" organizational chart and it's entire breakdown
  •  BONUS 5: MEGA-CASE Study! - I show you EXACTLY how I scaled 1 product to spend 0$ on the 1st day, to spending over $16,443 dollars on the 4th day of launching, making almost $50,000 dollars per day. 
  •  Private FB Mastermind Group for Mentorship and Support
When the system works... it just works... All the time!
The ONE Ecom Works On ANY Niche, Any Brand, and Any Ecommerce Store. Don't believe me? 

Look at our new stores we just launched...
New store to 41k within 9 days of launching
Another new store to 13k a day in the 5th day of launching
New store to 12.8k within 2 weeks
What Makes The ONE Ecom Different?
The ONE Ecom  is UNLIKE any other course out there. Whilst most courses teach you basic stuff like how to set up your store and launch ads, we find that its very surface level and is clearly NOT enough to create long term success and change that's significant for you.

Let's face it... if that was true, then everyone would already be successful at ecommerce by now. 

The ONE Ecom focuses solely on the MINDSET and the PRINCIPLES. The thing that matters, the stuff that is vital to any business success and we base our methods on these core principles. 

"As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

And that is the reason why even though The ONE Ecom is NOT about finding the Facebook hacks or tweaks (i.e the fads), the things you will learn inside the program will help you get more success with Facebook Ads than you've ever experienced before.

We also do NOT leave any stone unturned either, we include everything you need to be successful. It's like having all the multiple courses combined into one system that talks to each other and connects. 

The ONE Ecom is based on looking at things from a holistic view. We don't believe that you can just have one component (for example Facebook ads) to have a successful business. We believe that you need the entire ecosystem because the individual parts are all interconnected and connect to the whole sum.
In Other Words...
The ONE Ecom is literally Engineered for Success, like a perfect formula. 
Let me explain how this works...

There are 4 main components that allows The ONE Ecom to work incredibly well, basically fail-proof when followed to completion.

1. It shows you how to leverage MINDSET and become a new person to receive and deserve success. 

2. The Fundamental Principles and What to Focus on to drive the best/fastest/greatest results.

3. Includes Most Complete Success Blueprint Ever Built - without this step-by-step action plan, nothing can be achieved

4. The Support and Guidance with a community in the Facebook group

All these forces combined....

Principles & Focus
Proven Blueprint/Action Plan
Guidance & Support
Yup you heard it right, it's perfectly Engineered 
To start a successful business and change your life, content is not enough, you need everything to work for you.
Proven Process
We turned the unknown gray area of how to start your Ecommerce business into a precise science. While others use guesswork, we use a predictable process and system. Our methodology has been proven with over 8 Figures of revenue generated within 2 years.
New paradigm

We engineered a new way to think and reprogram your mind that's so profound, it's like seeing for the first time. Successful people take lifetimes to build their mindset for success. We figured out how to install a new paradigm in just weeks.
Winning community

It's hard to change your life when you're surrounded by the people you've always been with. Our students join a worldwide community of others on the same path so that dreams aren't laughed at but achieved on a daily basis.
Expert mentorship

Everyone needs help and advice when tackling new challenges but true experts are out of reach for most people. Our students get 24/7/365 access to me on Facebook, weekly Q&A calls and email.
Hear what my students were able to do in such a short period of time... 
P.S. They also started with ZERO experience!
Anh Dinh has an inspiring story herself,  "Moving from Vietnam to Canada last year, I was promised job that didn't happen. With 2 kids & only couple months savings, I needed to make money fast!
Making $12,756.01 in only my first 6 weeks has changed my families future forever. Thank you Jade!" 
To date she has done well over $33k.
Update: Anh's now doing over $3.6k in a single day!
Timothy Craggette admittedly said that, "I was very skeptical at first"... 
Fast forward 2 stores later and a bunch of money along the way, 
"I'm now a believer. These guys are helping people build real sustainable businesses."
Screenshot shows $584.15 in 1 single day!
Willie Laney has done over $12,355 in revenue now whilst working on his other projects as well! 
In his words, "I've made nearly 12k in a few short weeks all in my spare time, without really paying attention to my business."
Carolyn Nelham is a Clinical Psychologist that has no experience coming into ecom, she made her money back within the first 2 weeks of running ads, gave her asisstant the trainings and now has a business on the side that she never touches!
Here's how I helped my Spencer get started. To date he has already done over 200k in revenue! 
The screenshot shows his 31k in just 10 days and over 80k in just over a month. 
Here's how I helped my brother Kavin, scale to highest day ever of over 15k in a single day!
It's not a guessing game. It's not "I'm going do this and pray that it works." 
Its a proven system that when you implement... works. 
Its not based on luck, its based on proven principles.
But Wait Jade... Does Your System Still Work Today?
As you can see... May 13th 2018. Almost 89k in just ONE SINGLE DAY Scaling using The ONE Ecom System.

 When you understand the Mindset of what it takes, the Principles of Ecommerce, combined with your ultimate focus... Results like this is then POSSIBLE



Was $15,000... you get it FREE with the course!
Together with "THE ONE ECOM" Program you get...
Highest Converting Theme
Get my Custom Designed Theme I paid over $913 tweaking for FREE! You can Upload into your Shopify store and start improving on your conversions immediately. We've already split tested this theme, spent over a million dollars running traffic to this theme and has generated us Multi-Million's of dollars in revenue. It just works.
MEGA CASE STUDY - Scaled to the Moon!
Do you struggle to scale products FAST and PROFITABLY within just 4 days of launching?
Well I am holding nothing back... here I show you how to scale a product to generating almost $50,000 in a single day within the 4th day of launching the product.... You get to learn every single detail about how I made this happen so you can replicate it to your winners. 

Most ecom stores don't even make this much in a day... I'm spending $16.4k within a 4th day of launching a product.

This Case Study in itself is easily valued over $10,000. Just think about how UNSTOPPABLE you will become once you are able to scale winning products in such a way that others could only dream about...
I will never leave you in the dark... you need to be in a group and community of people who are on the same mission as you where you will have mentorship and support.
So What this Program Will Actually Cost You?

Imagine how much money you'll spend blowing the wheels, frustrated and stuck. You'll end up spending more time, hundreds thousands dollars wasted, plus another 2-5 years going this all alone...

Trust me, the first thing I want you to avoid is painful cycles (e.g. disappointment, losing money) and beating yourself up. I've been there and it's not a great place to create from.

Literally some tricks and strategies that we teach in the course will already save you tens of thousands of dollars already.

At this Special Offer: $1,997 / 365 = $5.47 / day

That's basically getting 1 Coffee a day to Learn the EXACT Success Blueprint! 

Do you have $5.47 dollars per day to invest in your future and in changing your life forever?

See Everything in One-Click
Get Instant Access to the Entire Blueprint!
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